Manufacturing Capabilities


We offer a large range of manufacturing services from lab-scale batches right up to 1000kg product batches.


Our mixing facilities enable us to manufacture a wide range of liquids, gels, creams, and powders.


Our filling lines have very flexible capabilities in terms of product types and fill levels for the following:






viscous liquids/pastes




We can fill into into a wide range of different materials including glass, plastic, and aluminium.


We can fill a wide range of sizes of jars, tubs and bottles.


We are able to label a wide variety of sizes dependent on your needs and add batch number and expiry

 dates either directly onto your product or onto your labels.

We offer many different kinds of product packing which can include adding inserts, packing kits,

shrink-wrapping and much more.



We are happy to discuss any types of orders/ideas to see how we can help with your

 manufacturing/filling/packing needs.

Industrial equipment for the production

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